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Governance & decision-making, including local funding & contracting

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1. How can primary care best organise itself to ensure it has voice and impact at all levels of a system? What needs to be in place to support this?

2. How can systems best provide management infrastructure and support to PCNs? What type of support is most needed (eg analytical, HR, improvement etc)?

3. How can systems encourage and support the delivery of primary care at scale, where this will result in better provision for patients and communities?



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Primary care collaboration

Currently in the process of establishing primary care collaborative at Black Country ICS( system level with place subgroups) and the second step of this will be to include POD services. Providing a single powerful voice for primary care at system level discussions and also provide services at scale through the primary care provider trust we have at Black Country. A system very different t vertically integrated model but equally and if not more effective.  This should form a useful model...

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