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1. What are the existing barriers to data sharing in context of integrated primary care teams and what is required to address these (and whose job is it)?

2. What specifically can ICS leaders do to support primary care with data expertise, capacity and training?

3. How is data being used to deliver population health management, what different approaches to segmentation are being taken, and what’s the evidence around what works?

4. How radical should we be about data sharing beyond the NHS to help address wider determinants of health, and what are the barriers to this? 



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Top 10 questions that general practice managers would like know. Add your ideas to my list PLEASE

Starter list  How many GP appointments do we offer (a month, a year) How much patient facing time is that ? How many people on our patient list do we see, and not see in a year How much failure demand and repeat work do we create? How many patients do we turn away? How long is the wait to get a routine appointment? Do we offer continuity of care? How much of our time is spent with patients with xxx diagnosis (Diabetes, MH, etc etc) Which population health cohorts are we not...

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IG and data governance - transform the mindset from "prevent everything" to "support change"

How can we gently work with data governance to stop them seeing their role as prison warders in a hjigh security jail. Towards one where there listne, encourage and support the usage of data form system change and improvement?  

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