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1. How can systems ensure primary care is part of ‘one workforce’ across ICSs, including through a more consistent employer offer for staff across primary care?

2. How can systems work with primary care to drive strategic and operational workforce planning?

3. How can systems support the development of primary care leaders?

4. How can systems help create the right environment for multi-disciplinary teams that cross sector and organisational boundaries in place (council or borough level) and neighbourhood (areas covered by primary care networks)?

5. How can systems best work with primary care, education and training providers to create the supervision and training capacity needed for further workforce expansion?



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Make space for primary care

Consideration of physical space and its role in supporting the workforce is crucial, and systems could play a key role in prioritising estates investment across whole system areas. 80% of GP practices said their current premises aren't fit for the future of care, in a survey by the BMA in 2018.  Failure to invest in health infrastructure risks having a further negative impact on the recruitment and retention of primary care staff. Research by the Picker Institute highlights NHS staff...

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Create a culture of organisations caring for their workforce - 'Supervision'

Before I propose the idea, I'll mention supervision.  People will understand supervision as a space where practitioners can have some reflective practice, speak about their feelings and how it has impacted on them.  Most commonly associated with mental health services which overall is a good thing. Some practices regularly check in on staff though the practice is very ad hoc.  Some clinicians come to work, shut their doors and then leave work with very little external interaction.   The...

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Environmental sustainability

Clinical leadership on sustainability in primary care will be essential to meet the NHS commitment to deliver a net-zero health service. Our prescribing makes up the largest part of our carbon footprint and prevention offers the greatest opportunity to reduce it, both of these come down to clinicians in consultation having conversations with patients. This is what gives senior clinicians credibility as a sustainability lead, they understand what needs to change and how best to explain this...

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