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1. What models of care would have the greatest impact on improving the health outcomes and experiences of children and young people, their families and carers? 

2. Do any of these models of care carry particular risks for children and young people, based on their particular needs?

3. Across the other themes and challenges the Stocktake is considering, where should we highlight specific recommendations and actions that need to be focused on children and young people?



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Free parenting e-learning

This began as an idea that every new parent and should have access to parenting classes.  Parenting classes are often felt to be punitive because of behavioural issues, though in truth when children are born, there is no instruction manual to help manage and people often draw on their own personal experiences which can often lead to generational habits being passed on. Parents going for adoption go through a rigorous program and have classes which gives them much better preparation for...

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