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1. What changes to models of care would have the greatest impact on improving the health outcomes and patient experiences of adults, their families and carers? Do any of them carry particular risks for adults based on their specific needs?

2. Across the other themes and challenges the Stocktake is considering, where should we highlight specific recommendations and actions that need to be focused on adults specifically?



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Let your lifestyle be your medicine

Lifestyle change is challenging and cannot be brought about in a single 10 minute consultation. It needs a trained and skilled team, and a motivated population. And above all it needs funding. Changing lifestyle is often cheaper and more effective even over 6 months than the standard medicines given for long term conditions. There are a number of organisations out there- some evidence based, some yet to gain an evidence base. Let's select the best and fund it properly.

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It is time to truly be a National Health Service and NOT a National Patch Up/Crisis Service

We should be promoting a model for health that is not solely predicated on a medical model for health but instead balances medical and social, so we are genuinely offering holistic services to people. What were we thinking about not investing in prevention and early intervention? Multiple missed opportunities to avoid crises and improve quality of life have been overlooked, resulting in preventable deaths and poor outcomes. We keep treating symptoms and not paying attention to the...

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