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Data and information challenge

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How can primary care use data to better understand the needs of patients and focus care where it is needed most - and how can systems help make this happen to improve the health of the population?

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Scale and VAT

Increasingly for primary care capturing data that's standardised and searchable, and deploying digital tech is becoming business as usual, suppliers price products so that scale becomed hugely cost effective for the purchaser, CCGs have been reluctant to purchase on a scaled basis so for example where I work even though 60% plus of practices are likely to be using Accurx and Ardens, there is no CCG appetite to facilitate the use of these, in addition VAT is applicable and even simply...

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Link primary care Academics with policy and systems developers

We need more training in how to interpret and analyse data and also training in how to input the right information. We don't get a lot of training in this at present. We are fortunate to have excellent academic primary care leaders who can advise on this and  Prof Aziz Sheikh in Edinburgh and  Prof Tony Avery In Nottingham and all the other SAPC academic leaders  are doing great work in understanding and working with data. I think we could link more to this work going forward.

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Harnessing the power of Snomed CT and analytics across PCNs and ICSs

The NHS has so many innovative opportunities with data. So much is collected but it not fully utilised. PCNs and GP practices dont have BI & informatics teams hence why GP data is 'Extracted' rather than 'Submitted' to NHSD. However, the shift from GP read codes to Snomed CT coding in the background of EPRs has opened a window. A big window! as other parts of the system particularly community and mental health services are more and more becoming integrated with primary care to smooth...

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National dataset for musculoskeletal across primary and community care

Currently the data collected for MSK conditions is fragmented and variable. Given that MSK conditions are currently topping the waiting list for community services in every region, it is imperative that we have a common data set to enable us to measure impact of service s and to benchmark going forward. Best MSK health programme is working with primary care, community care data leads, plus clinical,  academic and patient partners to develop a national data set to be used across primary and...

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Demand and Capacity analysis to improve access and understand patient flow

We talk about the tsunami of demand in primary care. It often feels overwhelming with the number of patients, as well as the complexity of consultations increasing. All on a background of a dealing with covid and a vaccination campaign.  It is possible to measure the activity as well as the unmet demand (no. of emergencies added in, no. of patients being asked to call back, no.  of dropped calls etc.) when we know the demand, and are able to measure it, we can then have a better idea of how...

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Civil Services Coaching in Chennai

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Require system interoperability; ensure consistent usage

There are not that many big patient / social care record system providers.  If they were required to make their systems interoperable (read/write access) and if consistent codes were mandated, and updates (e.g. holistic assessment templates) could be batch shared then there would be a foundation for effective information sharing, drawing in information from health and social care. (Many sources of info that identify potential vulnerability are social, not health.)   

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Data sharing through compatible IT systems

How wonderful would it be to know the outcome of a district nurse visit, a visit to outpatients, or the outcome of a 999 paramedic attendance in real time? This is one of our greatest challenges which can often cause delays in treatment and frustration for health care professionals and patients alike. It is a complex task but one which we must work towards. I know of staff locally who are logging in to a second IT system to update notes during their evenings so that both organisations have...

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Dedicated data analytic resource

In many areas, data has been used to identify cohorts of people who would benefit from increased input, with a service co-designed to support them. This takes a lot of resource. It would be good for each PCN to have access to dedicated data analytics resource. Subsequent to that, it would also be beneficial to have representative PPGs helping to guide investment, and support for PCNs or supra-PCN organisations to allow that to happen.

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Comms and clarity for the patients you serve

I’m chair of a PPG and founder member of a PCN patients group.  If you asked 1k people in the street what an ICB/ICP/ICS was, would you get any takers?  If the community is going to be engaged, there needs to be much more information and transparency about what's going on and, indeed - building on community volunteer effort during the pandemic and the extant community organisations that already do much good - what we can do to help, particularly at neighbourhood level within the new system...

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