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Governance and decision making challenge

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How do we ensure effective primary care voice and representation within systems? What barriers do we need to overcome and how do we do that? 

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Less transactional contracting; use Human Learning Systems approach

Having primary care, and all other parts or a health and care system, being seen as parts of a whole and working to the same ends means similar levels of transparency about activity and performance, fully aligned contracts/specifications and a shared approach to Quality improvement.  Contractually rewarding a Human Learning Systems approach to  improvement would be an effective method ( ).

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GP at different spatial Levels

GPs will be delivering at different spatial levels. Whatever level you operate at your role should be to support the level below to deliver Your mandate to operate at whatever level you operate at comes from level blow NOT the level above Your style is high trust and faciliative

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Making the right thing to do the easiest thing to do

What changes need to be made to current governance to make this work? Starter for 10 from the working group….governance structures that are not prescriptive and can grow organically within agreed perimeters…..clear thread of primary care involvement from practice to place to ICS….more??

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Build integrated care systems with an outward mindset

To quote Otto Scharmer: "You cannot charge a system unless you transform consciousness". In other words, if we want to transform the system through integrated care systems, we have to change our mindsets, the ways we fundamentally think about things.  There are multiple frameworks and models for shifting mindsets. Several ICS' s have (or are) adopting the “outward mindset” perspective from the Arbinger Institute as a way of thinking differently about system transformation. We are using...

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Representative voices

Locality representatives for a group of practices, and PCN CD representative similarly. Practices are not PCNs and may have a different perspective - good to hear both voices.

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Supporting improvement at all levels

What can support improvement at a local "micro" level? 

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