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Testing Methods bulletin no 8 - 29 June

Posted by Tom Jordan (Banned) Jul 1, 2020

Dear Colleague

There have been further contributions with potential shared on the Testing Methods crowdsourcing platform, and so we are pleased to
share a further two. These cover our challenges on multiplexing and transport media.
We hope these add value in supporting your work to increase and maintain testing capacity.

Thank you for your help,

Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England 

Jo Martin, President, Royal College of Pathologists

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Comments (2)

N Chetty says... Sep 24, 2020

Greetings from Kunz Therapeutics Ltd. 

Kunz Therapeutics and our associates in South Africa have developed the following advances in COVID 19 testing:

  1. A novel testing platform with a capacity to test 200,000 tests per day. 
  2. Novel sample collection device
  3. A combi protein which covers both N and Spike protein

I hope to hear from someone in the 'Testing Team' with whom I can discuss this further. 

Best Regards, N Chetty - +44 7340667841

tariq barat says... Oct 4, 2020

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