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Covid-19 Testing Methods Bulletin No 4 – 7 May 2020 Dear Colleague

Posted by Bev Matthews (Admin) May 11, 2020

We are very grateful to you for your significant contribution in meeting last week’s testing goal, delivering over 100,000 tests nationwide in a day. This scale up is all down to your hard work and dedication.

We have updated the Testing Methods platform, to continue championing and sharing out novel ideas. We have set up two new challenge topics, focusing in further areas where there is potential to support labs. One challenge covers alternatives to swabs for sampling, and the other covers end-to-end efficiency and speed of testing. Do visit the platform and join the conversation on these, especially to help us understand where we can best support you.

Our next engagement webinar is this Tuesday, 12 May, at 10.00-11.30, and we want to think about current solutions available in more detail and discuss practical steps for implementation. We also want to think through the ambition for testing and scale up, and scenarios we might find ourselves in over the coming months.
While we kick-off these two new challenges, we do not have newer solutions to share this week. We do encourage you to continue working through how you will implement relevant solutions from the 15 shared in the previous bulletins. A recap of these is in the attached PDF.

Professor Dame Sue Hill  Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England and Improvement

Professor Jo Martin, President, Royal College of Pathologists

On behalf of the moderators’ group

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Mark MKLTD says... May 11, 2020

grerat work yes 

Mark MKLTD says... May 12, 2020

john curtis hi great pdf yes 

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