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Covid-19 Testing Methods Bulletin No 3 – 1 May 2020

Posted by Bev Matthews (Admin) May 4, 2020

Earlier this week we held a virtual webinar and discussion with NHS labs on the Testing Methods platform. It was wonderful to have so many people join, over 300 attendees, including peers across the UK and internationally. It was also excellent to see those new to this effort join the conversation and consider how they take part.

We held thought provoking discussions on how we as national partners can support labs in using novel testing approaches. Attendees made valuable points to help us in shaping our platform, challenges and future events. In taking forward, we look forward to updating you and will be running another webinar session in the next fortnight.
We have highlighted two new solutions from the platform, to see below. Do continue to look into these, try these out and run validation. And if you are a first-time reader, we do also encourage you to look at the previous bulletins and the 13 solutions these cover on RNA extraction, transport media and dry swabs. 

Professor Dame Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England and Improvement

Professor Jo Martin, President, Royal College of Pathologists

On behalf of the moderators’ group.

This post was edited on May 6, 2020 by Rob King

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